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AAC, a low energy blocks have unrivalled insulating properties and are used to construct internal partition walls and load bearing external walls. The blocks can be laid in either general purpose mortar or thin layer mortar. The dimensional accuracy of AAC blocks make them also ideal for use with thin joint mortar.

AAC block is not only highly thermally efficient it is also highly sustainable in all stages of its life cycle: during the extraction of base materials, during production, while being used and finally when recycled.

  • The production process creates very little CO2 emissions. Most energy is consumed in curing the product by means of steam, and even then technology keeps energy consumption to an absolute minimum.
  • Once manufactured, the lightweight blocks can be transported and used efficiently.
  • The block consists of sand, lime and cement – natural abundantly available raw materials that are obtained from responsibly managed extraction sites.
  • The blocks retain their properties during the entire lifespan of a building: they never lose their energy efficiency or structural values.
  • When a building is demolished the blocks can be used again for the manufacture of new aerated concrete.
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